Thursday nights at Tussey Mountain don't have to begin with the first WingFest -- come out this spring for What the Deck and get your good summer vibes started right! Awesome food and beverage -- menu created by Dan Rallis - in a quaint, outdoor setting, this will be a limited seating event, so call ahead (814.466.7976) for reservations - especially if you have a large group!

Menu for June 13:


June 13:

Chris Rattie & the New Rebels



We've got an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere that we want to share with our friends, so we are bringing in some great light, live music with a full bar and our in house cook, Dan Rallis, will make some tasty food available. We decided to set some themes that we will try to have some fun with -- matching up music, food and drinks -- and we encourage you to have fun with it, too! Bust out a floral shirt, or some beads, and definitely some dark sunglasses -- let's make the end of summer 2018 one to remember.

Is there an admission cost?

What the Deck is a FREE event but seating is limited. We will have high top tables, patio tables, picnic tables and other places to lean on and hang out around. You are welcome to bring your own seating if you would like.

How does the food work?

We will have a fun and friendly wait staff on site taking orders for the kitchen. You will not need to be seated to order food.

How does the bar work?

The bar will be set up outside, allowing an ease of ability to quench your thirst anytime throughout the evening.


We are hoping to make this a fun, intimate setting, so the bands will be arranged next to the patio. The music will be live but light, allowing for both small and big talk. 

What payment is accepted?

We will accept cash, credit card and Tussey Mountain Amphitheater tickets.

Is this the best outdoor place IN

town to hang out with friends?

We think so!